Thematic Shows

Shows related to Business activities:

  • The "Start-up Millionaire Show":

    This Show presents how some people became successful from nothing, what was their strategy, which difficulties they have overcome.

  • The "One Day With" Show:

    This Show presents famous successful persons, who share with you their unusual experiences, their favourite places and hobbies. Through this program, you will follow the persons in their personal environment.

  • The “Business Coach Show”:

    This Show introduces an expert giving pieces of advice to a candidate who intends to reach its objectives and achieve success.

  • The “Celebration Show”:

    This program broadcasts special events in a country or a specific place and show you some special or luxury events organized by important people to celebrate any kind of Success.

  • The “Business Talk Show”:

    This show presents debates and talks about any subject matter regarding any kind of activity.

  • The “Fine Strike Show”:

    The Fine Strike show is a reality show about a brokers’ network of a new growing Swiss company “Fine Strike”, including their daily lives and challenges.

  • The “Mediation Show”:

    This show deals with non-litigious dispute resolution. The candidates will endeavor a fair transaction will the help of a mediator.

Shows related to Artistic Activities:

  • The “One Day With Show”:

    This Show consists of sharing the great experiences of someone working in an artistic field. The candidate will give some pieces of advice to entry the activity, and present both the advantages and inconvenient of working in this field.

  • The “Success Story Show”:

    This Show hosts each month a celebrity, such as a singer, an actor, a dancer, or any other artist. The aim of the show is to share with the public and the viewers the experience, the anecdotes of the celebrities, their first steps in the world of “showbiz”, and their early success. The show intends to put especially the accent on how the celebrities came into success.

Shows related to Sports Activities:

  • The “Success Effort” Show:

    This Show presents successful athletes, how they have become successful in a particular discipline, why they have chosen this discipline, which sacrifice does it imply each days, what are the advantages and inconvenient of practicing this particular sport.

  • The “One Day With Show”:

    This Show will introduce a famous athlete in his daily life, who will share its experiences with the audience.

Shows related to Esthetical Activities:

  • The “One Day With” Show:

    This Show will present a famous figure in the Fashion universe and this person will share its great experiences with the audience, explaining why she has chosen this activity, how she has met the success, what are the advantages and inconvenient of working in this field.

  • The Luxury Magazine Show:

    This Show plans to sell luxury items, which are also available on the website.